MqPro is our Windows based software and predecessor to MQ3. While we recommend you update and start using MQ3, you can download MqPro below and request access to it if you’d prefer.


MQPro provides access to Marquesa databases from your Windows PC. MQPro connects over the internet and submits search requests and returns marks found to your PC for reporting and printing.

The software is provided as a self-installing executable. To install the software, save the downloaded file to a temporary location and then execute the program by double clicking on it.

If your access to the internet passes through a firewall, you may need to configure the firewall to allow MQPro to contact Marquesa. MQPro comes with a test program to test your internet connection to help you make any configuration changes.

You will need to subscribe to Marquesa to obtain a username and password for access.

Download MQPro

Full Installer

Version 4.7.17. 29th Oct 2022 [15Mb]

Already have MQPro?

Download the update Only Version 4.7.17. 29th October 2022 [1Mb]

If you see a .dll error when trying to run MqPro, you may be missing the following windows component. Please download and run the following:

 Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015

MQPro Proxy

Version 1.1.4 December 2016 [0.3Mb]

MQ IPO Direct

Used in conjunction with MqPro 4.5.9 and later. The programs providing this service enable MqPro to access Intellectual Property Office (IPO) databases around the world on a direct basis. See FAQs for a technical description.

Download Mqadmin

Version 1.3.7. 16th March 2011, and Web engine version 2.6.3, 22nd March 2011.

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