Integrate the power of Marquesa’s trademark databases and searching algortithms into your own website and improve your visitor to customer conversion rates. We have made a couple of examples you can try below.

Example 1

Simple example to showcase a basic similar search and optional class selector function; other search criteria options can of course be used.

Performs a "similar to" search + optional class selection.

Example 2

Automatic screening search for trademark applications (inc payment processing).


This example showcases a form for website visitors to easily enter their trademark and get an instant YES/NO/MAYBE descision on its availbility and also take card payments via Stripe.

Trademark Classification Contact Details Results Complete

Enter the brand you'd like to register

Select the territories would you like to cover
Please select at least one territory.

What products or services do you want your trade mark to cover?

Not sure what classes you need? Try our class finder feature and search by products/services

Please enter your contact details.


Click on the buy button to purchase your trademark application.

The examples above are just samples of what can be done and design and stlying can be altered to fit your requirements. Please get in touch for more information.

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